Handgun Basics Classes

Discuss Handgun Basics like safely handling, actions, styles, and proper grip and stance

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Permit to Carry Class with Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

Stop Tac offers this class so you can apply for your Minnesota Permit to Carry (currently valid in 28 states) Multi State upgrade also available. Classes are taught by USCCA and NRA Certified Instructors. Classes cover all requirements for Minnesota Statute 624.714 (The Minnesota Citizens’ Personal Protection Act) Classes will also cover Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (proper grip, stance, trigger cycle, and point shooting) we will discuss these points in class, and we will work on the fundamentals at the range during the live fire portion, one on one with your instructor. Each Carry Permit Class provides…

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Home Defense and Personal Protection Classes

Developing a Home Defense and Personal Protection Plan

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About Stop Tac, LLC


My name is Jamie Theis and I am a United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Firearms Instructor. My story started because I love my family and wanted to be able to protect them to the best of my ability. That was the main reason I initially became a responsibly armed American and obtained my Permit to Carry. After years of carrying I decided that I wanted to do more. So I pursued my training certificate to become a certified instructor, and now I can use my passion for teaching people how to safely handle, operate, and shoot a firearm.

January 2015 I started Stop Tac, LLC to be able to do just that, teach responsibility armed Americans to safely handle firearms. But even more than that, to learn what it takes to avoid violent encounters or worse case what to do in the aftermath of a violent encounter.

When I took my first Permit to Carry Class I remember leaving the class overwhelmed with all the information that was presented to me. My instructor did a wonderful job of teaching the class and had a ton of information on a CD. The problem was when I wanted to go back to refresh myself on a topic I had to load the CD into a computer and search through all that

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